Commit History

Viewing the Commits Log

After entering a repository from the All Repositories screen, press on the icon to enter the Repository Commit Log. This screen has two types of display modes: one displays the log graphically, and the other displays it through groups. The graphic display mode makes it convenient to show which branch each commit is on, but due to screen size limitations, when there are too many branches the application will not be able to show the entire commit history; at this time, you can switch over to the group display to view even more of the commit record.

Commit Details

Select any commit record from the list to view its details; the header text offers an explanation of the commit, while underneath a list describing the file change set is displayed. Press on the button in the upper right corner of the screen to open a snapshot of the repository at the time of this commit.

If the current version has been merged from several branches, the list of file changes will be grouped according to their source branch.

File Content Comparison

From within the file changes list in the Commit Details view, selecting any text file will take you to the Content Comparison screen. In its current stage, this feature is only able to support text file content comparison, and does not support binary format files.

Within the file content comparison feature, the green section represents content added during this particular modification, while the red section represents content deleted during this particular modification. You can press on the button in the upper right corner of the screen to switch the display mode between showing or hiding line numbers.

Check Version History

After opening a text file in the folder browser, press on the More --> Check File History icon in the upper right corner of the screen to view the file version history. This is a fast way to view historical changes for any file, and by pressing any line you can further examine the file’s specific revisions.