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GitDrive is a system especially designed for iOS,enabling Git version control software to be operated on mobile devices, by which your iOS device becomes a perfectly functioning Git version control server that fits in the palm of your hand. All you only need to do is install the application from the Apple App Store; there is no tedious, multi-step installation process or any further effort required – a Git version control server will be set up within minutes. The Git Smart transfer protocol is fully implemented on this server, including transmission stability and speed. Authorization of other users for repository access is under your complete control, and shallow updates and cloning operations for the repository are also supported.

Because of Git’s distributed architecture, damage at a singular location will not lead to an entire system breakdown; in this way, GitDrive is extremely suitable for use as a node within a Git storage network – and this node can be carried with you wherever you go. GitDrive is the first application in the world to provide services that supports the Git Smart transfer protocol on your mobile device.

Besides acting as a perfectly functioning Git version control server, the software also acts as a powerful Git client, offering enough functionality for you to effectively manage changes to the repository and check up on any documents directly from the application.

GitDrive offers a different way to manage your code other than conventional code-management models. For example, when using GitDrive, your code is stored on your personal device – and if you are also using iCloud, any repository can be available on any device, step-by-step and in real time. Only through this model are you able to fully utilize the available space on your iPhone or iPad as storage for all of your important data. It facilitates convenient data exchange among a working team, while at the same time saving you the cost and time of setting up a personal Git version control server.

Quick Start

What is Git?

If you are not already familiar with Git, here is an online tutorial to help you get started with Git faster A great online Git tutorial

How to Transfer Existing Local Repositories to GitDrive

git remote add myrepo http://gitdrive.com/myrepo
git push myrepo refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*

How to Clone a Repository from GitDrive

git clone http://gitdrive.com/your_repo_name
git clone —-depth=1 http://gitdrive.com/your_repo_name

GitDrive Finder

Because you may be switching between different network connections, we suggest that you access your server using a domain name. To avoid having to modify the Host file each time you switch networks, we have developed GitDrive Finder. This tool uses Java, so there are no system restrictions for its use.

GitDrive Finder will automatically locate GitDrive within a network, and add a domain name and IP mapping to the Host file. From a security standpoint, we require that the device passcode be provided (Side Menu --> Right Side of IP Address). After entering the device passcode, click START to begin a search; only devices with that passcode will be found. Please ensure that GitDrive is open before beginning a search.

Because this automatic configuration tool needs to modify the system’s Host file, Administrator Authorization is required for use in Windows systems. Mac systems, along with other Unix or Linux systems, need to use sudo to run the tool; otherwise it will be unable to modify the Host file.

Navigate to Side Menu --> Settings --> Server to configure the server domain name. After configuration is complete, you will only need to run Finder when switching network connections, and the IP address corresponding to your domain name will be automatically updated on your computer.

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